Complete analysis of campaigns in real time

Our team will take care of everything and will make our platform available to validate influencers, content, measure and report results in real time.

Profile analysis

Validate the profiles the team has identified and access to all the analytics in our platform

Effortlessly analyze and validate among millions of content creators via social media, location, gender, age, number of followers, engagement rate, follower demographics, fake followers, profile evolution and much more ….

Content validation

Save more time by automating the activation process with content creators

Streamline your campaigns by validating creators’ content proposals on the platform and reviewing their results in real time.

Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Instagram offers us real-time performance through its API

Collect all pieces of content including Instagram Stories. Measure the overall performance of the campaign, specific content creators or specific posts by analyzing your Earned Media Value, CPM, CPC, CPE, impressions or engagements in a simple dashboard.

Attribution system

Install our attribution system on your website to measure the ROAS of each influencer

We have our own attribution system that allows us to measure the actual performance of each influencer. Calculate captured leads, sales or ROAS for each influencer.

Consulting and creativity

The Binfluencer team has years of experience in the sector

Our team will take care of all phases of the project. We take care of all the strategy and execution of the campaigns to provide an end-to-end service.

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