Terms & Conditions for Advertisers


The present Terms and Conditions are a binding instrument between BINFLUENCER COLABORACIONES, SL, a Spanish company domiciled in Calle Felipe Campos 7, 28002 Madrid, with NIF B-87651949, entered in the Valencia Commercial Register, Volume 10180, Page 107, Section 1, Today V-172746 (in connection, “BINFLUENCER”) and the user.

This document (together with all the aforementioned documents) sets out the conditions by which the use of the web site is required https://www.binfluencer.io/ (attached, “Website”) and platform hosted on The Web site through which BINFLUENCER provides the requested services and the contracting of the same (in adelante, the “Platform”), as it is invoked or as a registered user. If you are ruined by the user who carefully reads the present Terms and Conditions, the Cookies Policy and the Privacy Policy of BINFLUENCER (together, the “Data Protection Policies”) before using the Website.

In addition to using this website or hiring services through the same, the user should be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the BINFLUENCER Data Protection Policies. Therefore, if you are not in agreement with all BINFLUENCER Terms and Conditions and Data Protection Policies, you should not use this Web Site.

These Terms and Conditions may be modified in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 12. These user responsibilities will be read from time to time and will apply to those who were in effect at the time of use of the Website. If you had any questions related to this Terms and Conditions or Data Protection Policies You may contact us at BINFLUENCER at the e-mail address info@binfluencer.es.

1.- Object and description of the services

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to establish the conditions of the BINFLUENCER Services (in connection with the “Services”), which are provided on our Web Site which differentiates them from:

Advertisers (individuals, companies, marketing agencies or brands) (in addition, the “Advertisers”), who may require BINFLUENCER to (i) design, launch, monitor and manage the most influential marketing campaigns; (ii) select the appropriate influencers for each campaign and (iii) send a service offer to the influencers.

The influencers (their agents), who can take digital marketing actions for the Advertisers through their social network (s), following the guidelines that will effect their signaling BINFLUENCER and the exchange of a remuneration.

In this sense, influencers may use the website’s mechanics to accept the rejection of the services offered by BINFLUENCER in relation to the marketing campaigns hired by the Advertisers.

Both Advertisers and influencers who have made a commitment to BINFLUENCER through the Web Site or the Platform will acquire the user and BINFLUENCER conditions and will be able to refer to the terms of this way and without distinction to the present Terms and Conditions.

2.- Registration process as a user

In order to become a Web site user, the user will be asked to complete a registration form which will include his or her personal details and, as the case may be, details of the person or company to which they represent.

The user ensures the accuracy of the data and details that are completed, as well as the validity and sufficiency of the notary powers with which, as the case may be, acts to represent any other person the company.

BINFLUENCER may request the user at any time to provide his identity and / or notary power to act on behalf of others, through a photocopy of notary power and his / her N.I.F.

If you do not provide this information within the time indicated by BINFLUENCER you may give rise to the termination of the Services described in section 1 of these Terms and Conditions.

The Services provided by BINFLUENCER are available exclusively to registered and authorized users.

To access the Service, the user must register by completing the corresponding form. In this sense, the registration of the user will be made by means of a user name and a counterpart on those who have full responsibility for use and custody, being responsible for the veracity of the personal data provided to BINFLUENCER. The collection and processing of personal data is subject to BINFLUENCER’s Data Protection Policies.

The user undertakes to make diligent use of his or her own name and password, as well as not to make available third parties, as well as to communicate to BINFLUENCER the missing robot and the possible access by an unauthorized third party, in such a way. so that it proceeds to immediately block the user’s cuenta.

BINFLUENCER shall not be liable for the misuse of the counterpart by unauthorized third parties or the consequences of any nature that may arise from misuse, due to the misuse of the counterparts.

The user may not register more than one user on behalf of the same person or company. BINFLUENCER cannot guarantee the identity of users, who will assume all responsibility in case of fraudulent registration or identity robot.

The user, in addition to the use of the Services, accepts and undertakes to use them correctly by respecting these Terms and Conditions and the applicable law, whether national or international, as well as the principles of good faith, morality and order. public, as well as the obligation to diligently observe any additional instructions that BINFLUENCER may give in relation to the use and access to the Web Site or Platform.

3.- Advertiser Specific Terms and Conditions

The advertiser, also registering on the website, has the opportunity to design and launch marketing campaigns on the website and to use the available search tools to select the appropriate influencers for each campaign. To do so, you will need to follow the process described on the Web site and complete all the information requested by BINFLUENCER.

The Advertiser represents and warrants that each and every one of the campaigns that it launches corresponds to real and accurate marketing campaigns, in accordance with current legislation. Campaigns that discriminate by gender, religion, disability or reason are, among others, illegal and will not be administered by BINFLUENCER.

BINFLUENCER reserves the right to withdraw any leased campaign which it considers to be contrary to current legislation and / or to the present Terms and Conditions.

3.1.- Platform Mechanics

Once the Advertiser introduces the details of the campaign, the platform will present a selection of influencers appropriate along with the price suggested by marketing action for each of them.

Once the Advertiser has elected to influencers who want to hire and pay for the Services (unless he or she has chosen the option of pay by subscription described in section 3.2), BINFLUENCER will consider contacting its influencers. invitándolos to accept the Services.

The Advertiser acknowledges and accepts that influencers of their selection may reject the offer of Services. However, the influencers that have accepted the Services will appear in their control panel.

In the event that the influencers elected by the Advertiser in the Services context, BINFLUENCER (i) may provide alternative influencers to those who rejected the Services, (ii) may reimburse the day (15) of the month following its completion. campaign the costs associated with the services not provided (but because the influencers have rejected the services or because there are marketing actions not completed by the involved influencers).

You can modify the terms of the campaign at any time by using the Platform. In addition, if your advertiser is an agency, you have an option on your Platform profile that allows you to show updated campaigns with your commercial banner.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, BINFLUENCER will only reimburse the advertiser of the Service Coast and the amount paid, if subsequently paid by the same, the influence on the cost of the Hub under the execution of the Services. Once the services are accepted by the influencer, the songs paid by the advertiser become non-refundable.

The Advertiser may not include any influencers during his or her campaigns, but the coast of these services may not be compensated for unreimbursed cantons corresponding to Services not provided or canceled by the influencers, as described in the previous paragraph.

3.2.- Paid

Access to the Platform is free, but for the realization of a campaign is a paid service. The coast of each campaign will be indicated on the website depending on the mode of payment that elects the user.

Those paid for the achievement of the campaigns may be satisfied by the Advertisers of the following ways:

per adelantado, for each campaign lanzada (by means of credit / debit card Paypal); The

at the end of each month (upon domiciliation or bank transfer) you elect the method of payment upon subscription.

BINFLUENCER will invoice the advertiser according to their payment method selection and will present an invoice in electronic form which will include the most applicable VAT tax. BINFLUENCER will be intermediary and will be paid to each debtor.

Any reimbursement due (according to the present Terms and Conditions) will be paid on the next day (15) immediately after the receipt of reimbursement by BINFLUENCER.

3.3.- Obligations of Advertisers

In the campaign of the campaigns, the Advertisers commit to:

Ordering the influencer, as needed at every moment, the campaigns that fit your profile.

Assisting in influencing all those who are reasonably necessary for the correct rendering of their services.

Pay for the time and form agreed upon in these Terms and Conditions that are paid which are generalized.

Inform the influence on any change regarding the concrete closures established on the Platform for the execution of a given service, with a minimum forecast of 24 hours.

4.- Use of the Website

It is prohibited to use the BINFLUENCER Web Site and Platform Services for any purpose which is unauthorized otherwise, or for profit purposes, and specifically for any of the reasons included below. not limiting:

Store, disclose, publish, distribute, share any information that (i) may be deemed to violate the fundamental outcomes of third parties in honor, imagery and personal and family intimacy, and especially of minors; (ii) undercut confidentiality in communications or the protection of personal data; (iii) infringe the rights of industrial and intellectual property or the rights of third parties; and (iv) it is illegal, racist, obscene, pornographic, abusive, defamatory, misleading, fraudulent or in contravention of the moral or public order of any manera.

Use the Platform to defame, intimidate, inherit or harass influencers or third parties.

There is an illicit use or the unlawful use of the Platform any other use that may damage the website and services provided by BINFLUENCER.

Undertake any misuse of the Web site as the intended introduction of viruses, Trojans, gusans or any programs that are harmful and harmful to the Platform, as well as unauthorized access to the server, equipment, devices and databases of BINFLUENCER. Failure to comply with this stipulation may result in the commission of criminal offenses typified by the legislation in force in the matter.

Modify any part of the Web Site or Platform by avoiding, disabling or manipulating Web Site functions.

Use the Services and Platform for unauthorized presentation of (i) unsolicited advertising or commercial communications, messaging with advertising purposes or those used for unauthorized data capture and / or electronic mailing directions for the same purpose; (ii) Unsolicited repetitive but / or mass electronic mailings that are sent to various people regardless of their containment.

Request personal data or passwords to influencers through

Create a fake ID, provide and / or use false details in the user profile, make false statements, provide false information about any user or company to which they belong and / or their relationship to them.

Register in the name of another physical or juridical person, without due authorization, to have unauthorized use of other identities and, in particular, to carry out the superseding of identity.

Using any technical, software or technological resources in virtue of any other person, user or user of BINFLUENCER, can benefit, directly or indirectly, from the profit, profile and content of the website.

Insert in any website, forum or any other social network, a link, hyperlink, mark a similar link that will redirect you to the information published on the BINFLUENCER website (including, among others, the profiles of influencers).

The realization by the users of any of the previous points, with lucrative purposes or the non-fulfillment of any other end of these Terms and Conditions, will allow BINFLUENCER, its discretion, to suspend or cancel the access to the Platform. (delete your user profile) and Services immediately and, if so, remove and delete directly from the Web site any information contained that may give rise to any prior infringements. If, in accordance with the foregoing, BINFLUENCER decides to suspend the cancellation of the Services, it will take action in no case if it will give the users the right to receive compensation.

5.- Responsibility Regime

In the case of the liability acquired by the intervening parties present in these Terms and Conditions there will be a distinction between (i) the content uploaded by the users, (ii) the content hosted on web pages to which it may be accessed from the website. (iii) the actions carried out by BINFLUENCER, (iv) the campaigns launched through the BINFLUENCER Platform and (v) the disclaimer of default.

5.1.- Contained climbed to the platform by users

BINFLUENCER is not responsible for the details of the campaign in the user profiles that change in the website, as long as its accuracy.

BINFLUENCER disclaims all responsibility for the information displayed on the Web Site that (i) has been uploaded to the Platform by users or (ii) taken from the profiles of influencers on social networks, which may affect the Advertiser of any Manera.

In addition to registering in BINFLUENCER, users undertake to make reasonable use of the Website and the space provided, as well as to use their content of compliance with applicable law and the legitimate rights of third parties.

The BINFLUENCER Web Site Contains a Platform Where Advertisers Can Design, Launch, and Follow Up on Their Marketing Campaigns with the Hiring of Influencer Services. They are now through the use of a search tool that helps advertisers select their influencers for campaign tips.

BINFLUENCER will not assume any responsibility for any relationship that the user may have to acquire with other users, nor will it guarantee the effective participation of the influencers in the Platform. Additionally, BINFLUENCER will not make any statement nor will it offer any guarantee with respect to the information carried by the influencers in their profiles. Lastly, BINFLUENCER will not guarantee the availability of the real identity of the influencers for the services requested by the Advertisers and does not act as a Temporal Work Company.

BINFLUENCER will not be responsible for the containment, files, information, opinions, concepts and / or images that are not managed by BINFLUENCER or the responsibility of BINFLUENCER.

BINFLUENCER is not responsible for the damage that could be derived from, but is not limited to, (i) inferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, findings and / or disconnections in the operative functioning of the electronic system or apparatus. computer teams of the users, motivated by causes justify the BINFLUENCER, that impairs the retraction of the rendering of the services or the navigation by the Web Site; (ii) delays or blockages in use caused by deficiencies or Internet overloads or other electronic systems that may be caused by third parties through unlawful interference with the control of the property and not attributable to BINFLUENCER; (iii) the inability to give the Service or to allow access for causes not attributable to BINFLUENCER, owing to the user, to third parties, or to assumptions of greater power.

BINFLUENCER does not generally control the use that users have hacked from the Platform. In particular, it does not guarantee that there is no extreme that users do not use the Law Compliance Platform, the present Terms and Conditions, morals, good times generally accepted and the public order, nor that they are not diligent and prudent. .

BINFLUENCER will only answer to those who the user may suffer as a result of the use of the Platform when two of the damages are imputable to a malicious and negligent action by BINFLUENCER.

5.2.-Contained hosted on web pages (including social networking profiles) that can be accessed from BINFLUENCER

BINFLUENCER will not be responsible for, among others, editing, reviewing, censoring content checking, files, information, publicity, opinions, concepts or images on websites or web pages (including social network profiles) access through hyperlinks included in the Web site.

BINFLUENCER will also be responsible for any content, files, information, opinions, concepts and images issued, published or distributed directly and indirectly through accessible pages from BINFLUENCER, any interconnected web site that can be accessed through the Cualquiera links. of services related to the interconnected website.

In the same way, BINFLUENCER will not be responsible for the services, goods or products that can be purchased from third parties through the Web site, especially in cases where the procurement process takes place directly on the third party webpage, including if you have accessed this site from the website.

5.3.-Shares Uncollected by BINFLUENCER

BINFLUENCER provides Services on an ongoing basis, utilizing all the technical means at your fingertips to achieve satisfactory cable performance.

BINFLUENCER may, when it deems it necessary, make corrections, better changes in the provision of the services or the containment of the website, which will result in a claim for compensation to users, and which may entail reconsideration. of liability on the part of BINFLUENCER.

BINFLUENCER will not be responsible for any damage, regardless of the nature of the availability or technical continuity of the operations of the Services. In any case, BINFLUENCER will do its utmost to restore your Services in the event of a technical fall.

Access to the Web Site is allowed temporarily, and BINFLUENCER reserves the right to withdraw or modify the Services that are in the Web Site without prior notice. BINFLUENCER will not be responsible if for any reason the Web Site is not available at any time for any period.

5.4.- Responsibility for the campaigns launched through the BINFLUENCER Platform

BINFLUENCER will suggest to Advertisers those influencers that it considers appropriate for each campaign, but will not provide the Advertisers with any type of professional advice or recommendation. Advertisers who use the Services will be free and autonomous to elect influencers. Therefore, the BINFLUENCER is exempt from any frustrated expectation as long as the success of each campaign.

In any case, the Advertisers may limit the amount of the claims claimed to the refund of the price paid.

5.5.- Disclaimer of default on obligations under these Terms and Conditions

Users expressly exempt BINFLUENCER from any liability as to the dissemination and exploitation of farms in the framework of obligations arising from these Terms and Conditions, as opposed to any judicial, extrajudicial, administrative, etc. claim. the same for any reason, and if the campaign is the legal obligation to comply with the user, which undertakes to make BINFLUENCER completely free under such circumstances.

The user undertakes to maintain and relieve BINFLUENCER of any liability arising from the damages and damages caused by the user to third parties, voluntarily or involuntarily, the achievement of his activity and the user obliged to repair the damages caused to him. thirds.

Failure to comply at any time with the obligations stipulated in these Terms and Conditions may be the cause of the termination of the legal relationship contracted by these Terms and Conditions without effecting any damages to the user and entailing an obligation on the part of the latter to repay the obligations. BINFLUENCER for all damages and damages, backs, judicial and extrajudicial expenses to those who are obliged to the accomplishment of all possible declaration of direct, indirect or subsidiary responsibility, by Judges and Courts the any class of claim that the impuest is formulated by him. of Public Authorities in relation to compliance with non-compliance with such obligations.

In the assumption that users cannot comply with their obligations because of their greater obligations, they shall immediately notify BINFLUENCER and implement all reasonable and timely measures to restore, as soon as possible, their obligations. BINFLUENCER will be able to cancel the affected Services or interrupt their execution as the situation of th

6.- Intellectual and Industrial Property

6.1.- Intellectual and Industrial Property of Web Site and Platform

All contents of the Website, except where otherwise indicated, are the sole proprietors of BINFLUENCER or third parties, but not limited to graphic design, source code, logos, text, graphics, illustrations, photographs, bases of data and other elements that appear on the web. Likewise, any trade name is the distinctive sign of any class housed in the Web site are registered trademarks of the exclusive property of BINFLUENCER or used with the express authorization of their respective owners.

BINFLUENCER does not grant anyone licensing the use of any class on intellectual and industrial property rights or any other property related to the Web site, and no one will understand that accessing and navigating the user implies a waiver, transmission, licenses the total ni partial cesión de derechos by BINFLUENCER. For the sake of it and the virtue of it available in the Law 21/2014, of November 4, because of the modification of the recast text of the Law of Intellectual Property, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12, and Law 1/2000, 7th December, Civil Enjuiciamento, as well as Law Ley 17/2001, 7th December, Marks and Complementary Legislation in the field of intellectual and industrial property, fall expressly forbidden reproduction, transmission , adaptation, translation, distribution, public communication, including the arrangements for the provision, the totality of the contents of the Web site, any support and any other technical means, except that BINFLUENCER gives the user the authorization expressed for ello.

mayor resurges.

The user under no circumstances may exploit the use, either directly or indirectly, with commercial purposes, any of the contents of the Web site (images, texts, drawings, contents, forms, etc.) in its entirety, without prior authorization. in writing by BINFLUENCER.

Any use of such contents not previously authorized by BINFLUENCER will be considered a serious breach of the intellectual or industrial property rights and will give rise to legally established responsibilities.

6.2.- Intellectual and Industrial Property of Advertisers

In addition to a campaign, Advertisers may enter their own content (the content of their customers, if the Advertiser is an agency) protected by intellectual and industrial property. In fact, the Advertisers have issued the BINFLUENCER authorization to make this content available to influencers who participate in the campaign, in any form and in any country in the world during the period in which the marketing campaign remains active.

Advertisers ensure that they are the owners of this content (they are duly authorized to administer and disclose) and, as a result, advertisers will keep BINFLUENCER free of any coastal charges, expenses (including attorney and attorney’s fees) and possible compensation. damages for damages and / or harm that may arise in the face of any claim by a third party as a result of an alleged infringement of the intellectual or industrial property rights, the rights of the imagination and any other result.

7.- Mechanism of platform claims

BINFLUENCER is under no obligation to control the content disclosed through the Web Site. However, BINFLUENCER will provide users with the necessary channels to file a complaint about any content contained that infringes these Terms and Conditions as it currently stands. In this regard, the user may send an e-mail to info@binfluencer.es, detailing the content that is deemed unlawful to breach these Terms and Conditions of any manner and stating the reasons for presenting a content claim, including one. photocopy of su National Identity Document the equivalent identification document.

Once the claim has been filed, BINFLUENCER will check the content against it if it carries out the claim and will carry out the corresponding investigation.

8.- Confidentiality

Will consider the consideration of confidential information (hereinafter, “Confidential Information”) all that BINFLUENCER and / or the Advertiser reveals the supply to the users, orally, written, electronic, and especially the following: the personal data, documents, techniques, drawings, dibujos, erasers, diagrams, models, models, data base of any kind, applications, as well as any information concerning financial, commercial, technical and / or industrial aspects of the parts that suppress them present. Terms and Conditions.

Users should not disclose the disclosure to any physical person or legal entity of any kind of oral information or writing that may receive it directly or indirectly, and it is expressly classified as confidential which, given its naturalness or circumstances If it is revealed, it can be reasonably deduced that it should be treated as confidential only and solely for the purpose of the purpose provided.

Users also undertake to take all reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of information and to prevent the use of such information and to prevent it from being in the public domain or to be in the position of persons other than those authorized to do so. have information on the virtue of the fields. Other measures will include, in any case, the greater degree of care that users use to protect their own Confidential Information of a similar nature.

Users acknowledge that the Confidential Information received from BINFLUENCER and / or the Advertiser may not be used for the purpose of obtaining the object of these Terms and Conditions.

9.- Data Protection Policies

All information provided by users of the Platform will be used as stipulated in the Data Protection Policies.

The personal data received will be dealt with by BINFLUENCER in accordance with the Organic Law 3/2018, 5 December, Personal Data Protection and Digital Data Security (LOPDGDD) and other regulatory provisions in force in Spain, as well as by the Regulations. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 relating to the protection of physical persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data and why Directive 95/46 is repealed / EC (RGPD).

Users of this website may at any time request access to, rectification, suppression, opposition, limitation of treatment, portability and oblivion, in relation to the data included in the registration form, in writing, by email to the address: info@binfluencer.es

In the event that the Advertisers require the Influencers services that compose the BINFLUENCER database, this will communicate the Professional Influencers contact details to the Advertisers. Once communicated to Advertisers, professional data from Influencers will form part of the Advertisers’ database. Advertisers undertake to (i) not use professional data on Influencers for any purpose other than the mere construction of a business relationship and (ii) comply with data protection legislation applicable to their treatment. of the professional data of the Influencers.

Advertisers will exempt BINFLUENCER from any treatment that reallocates professional data on Influencers on the basis of a contractual or legitimate professional interest as established by the RGPD and LOPDGDD.

10.- Service Duration

BINFLUENCER Services will have an indefinite duration if they do not get differently between user and BINFLUENCER. You are free to terminate this contractual relationship at any time without prior notice by giving written notice to BINFLUENCER. As a result of the foregoing, BINFLUENCER will proceed to delete any content uploaded by the user to the Website and block its access to the additional coast.

Any user who has terminated their relationship with BINFLUENCER may re-register on the Platform to be able to access the Services again.

Failure to comply with any obligations, commitments or warranties contracted by virtue of these Terms and Conditions or by virtue of those legally available, BINFLUENCER may terminate the provision of Services, without requiring the user to notify BINFLUENCER in advance and any compensation to the user.

Attached to this point, BINFLUENCER may consider the legal relationship with the user to be as strong as it may demand from users as long as they consider it appropriate.

The duration of the Services will in no way affect the campaigns that have been agreed upon by the intervening parties in anticipation of this resolution, in order to comply with the commitments received from them, unless otherwise agreed between the user and the BINFLUENCER.

11.- Modifications

The information that appears on this website is current as of the last update. BINFLUENCER reserves the right to update, modify or delete at any time the Web site information, as well as the present Terms and Conditions, Data Protection Policies or any other information.

If any normative change is produced which, according to BINFLUENCER’s reasonable opinion, restricts a substantial obstacle to the maintenance of the Website, BINFLUENCER will result in: (i) modifying the Website or Terms and Conditions to adapt it to any situation and ( ii) interrupt the performance of the Services.

BINFLUENCER will be exempt from any liability derived from the action described in this clause, whenever it publishes the modifications on the Website.

If changes are made to the Web site or to these Terms and Conditions, and the user does not object to them in writing and continues to make use of the Services, then it will be understood that they accept new Terms and Conditions.

If the user is not in agreement with the modifications introduced, BINFLUENCER is recommended not to use the Web site, the Platform or the Services.

The user must note that BINFLUENCER may make the relevant modifications, as appropriate, as described below. The user is expected to diligently review the contents that may be subject to change from time to time to be aware of any notice that BINFLUENCER has made. Some of the provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions may also be replaced by provisions or notices published elsewhere on the Website.

12.- Language

BINFLUENCER will be able to translate these Terms and Conditions to as many languages ​​as you need to agree with the services. The Spanish version will be the one that prevails in case of conflict with other translations.

13.- Notifications

Applicable regulations require that part of the information or communications sent by BINFLUENCER be sent in writing. By using this Web site, you are agreeing that most of your communications with BINFLUENCER are electronic. BINFLUENCER will consider contacting the user by e-mail and will facilitate information by posting notices on the Web site. To contractual terms, the user consents to use this electronic means of communication and acknowledges that any contract, notification, information and other communications sent by him. BINFLUENCER electronically meets all legal requirements. This condition will not affect the rights of users reoccupied by law.

The notifications that the user sends to BINFLUENCER should preferably be sent via the Platform or by e-mail address info@binfluencer.es. Subject to the provision in the previous paragraph and unless otherwise stipulated, BINFLUENCER may send communications by email to the postal address provided by the user at registration.

It will be understood that the notifications have been received and have been correctly posted at the same time as they were sent to a web page, 24 hours after receiving an e-mail, three days after the close of any letter.

14.- Safeguard

All the extremes of these Terms and Conditions must be interpreted independently and autonomously, and are affected by the rest of the stipulations in the event that one of them has been declared null and void by a court judgment. BINFLUENCER will replace the box or boxes affected by others that preserve the effects pursued by the present Terms and Conditions.

15.- Law Applicable and Jurisdiction

BINFLUENCER and its users, believe in any controversy that could arise from the provision of Services object of these Terms and Conditions, to the Judgments and Courts of Madrid.

In the event that the user is domiciled in Spain, BINFLUENCER and the user, they expressly waive any other forum, sometimes to the Judges and Courts of Madrid.

The user accessing and / or registering on the Web site ensures that they have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions described above. Otherwise, if you refrain from accessing the website, you will not be able to use this service.

Terms and Conditions may be formalized, their selection in any of the languages ​​available in this Website.