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How does Binfluencer work?

Advertisers work with Binfluencer in different ways. First, they can work through the managed campaign services offered by our management team. You can contact us, tell us what you need and they will take care of everything. Second, large companies and agencies can request access to our platform or our API to manage their campaigns directly.

Is there any payment for the use of technology?

Yes, in the case of campaigns, there is additional payment for the use of technology, € 1 per day and content creator in addition to their payment. Binfluencer takes a small commission from the money he later pays to such content creators. In those cases in which only a Report of the action is made, a Technological Fee is also charged based on the duration and the content creators that are part of the action.

What is the difference between a Campaign and a Report?

There are two different options to launch a collaboration with Binfluencer, either in Campaign format, or in Report. Campaigns with CPM (Cost Per Mille) are the actions that need a management process and include the price of the content creators within the cost. While an Only Report, it is limited to collecting all the content of the selected creators related to the action in question, in a complete and simple Report. Therefore, in the Reports, only the use of the platform (or technological fee) is charged.

Can Binfluencer create and manage my campaign?

Binfluencer offers consulting services, planning and complete campaign management Each brand or agency campaign is a bit different, so it is better to contact us directly.

Which is the payment method?

Our customers can pay by bank transfer. Binfluencer automatically makes payments to the content creators.

Do I have to sign a contract with the content creators?

It is not necessary. All content creators who collaborate in a Binfluencer campaign accept the terms and conditions of use of Binfluencer. Likewise, all our clients, agencies and brands, also undertake to accept them.

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